Just for Fun: A Workplace Mad Lib

Happy Friday! Enjoy our [totally workplace-appropriate] mad lib—grab a co-worker and fill in blanks below:

New Healthcare Industry Cybersecurity Report

Each year, over [   A LARGE NUMBER   ]% of healthcare organizations are affected by cyber-[   A HEALTH CONDITION   ].

According to a recent survey by [   A QUOTABLE PERSON   ], [   NOUN, PLURAL   ] also continue to be a/an [   ADJECTIVE   ] IT concern for providers.

If the idea of cyber-[   NOUN, PLURAL   ] makes your stomach [   VERB   ], contact our team. Our [   ADJECTIVE   ] professionals can help you address your healthcare IT compliance and risk challenges for only $[   NUMBER   ].

Mad Libs: Fun for Friday Afternoons, Bad for Marketing Materials

Mad libs like this one are entertaining and harmless, but NOT when it comes to your firm’s marketing materials.

If your doer-sellers can’t easily find the marketing materials they need when they need them, they may start to “fill in the blanks” with their own wording and designs (without Marketing’s knowledge or review).

Consistency (and accuracy!) in your branded materials and content is an important factor in how prospects perceive your firm. If you need a tool that can help you maintain control of sales and marketing collateral while providing your doer-sellers with easy, anytime access to those materials, contact us.

POUNCE provides a central location for all your up-to-date sales materials, sorted by industry, service area, or any other categories appropriate for your firm. Materials are controlled by your marketing team so your content and branding is unified and consistent.


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