Does Your Marketing Collateral Spark Joy?

Newsflash: Babies come with SO MUCH STUFF. Five months into this parenting thing, and baby clothes, bibs, bottles, toys, books, swings, jumpers, utensils, and equipment have taken over every room of my house, sending my inner-minimalist reeling.

Whether it’s in your living room, your closet, or a shared folder on your network, clutter makes it difficult to function efficiently and can create MAJOR STRESS.

A quick Google search of “decluttering” is sure to lead you to Marie Kondo’s tidying method, known as KonMari.

While the KonMari method was developed to help tackle clutter in your home, several of its key principles can be applied to reducing and organizing marketing collateral clutter.

Here’s how:

1. Visualize the destination.

It’s critical to start with a clear picture of the marketing materials needed to support your doer-sellers and how you want to those materials to be organized. Describe your ideal marketing collateral library. What pieces do you have? How are they categorized? Where does the information live? How are the pieces managed? Who has access?

Having a clear vision of the goal lays the foundation for the rest of your decluttering process.

Not sure what you want the end product to look like? Check out this video for inspiration.

2. Tidy all at once.

In the KonMari method, instead of cleaning one room at a time, it is recommended to devote an entire day (or weekend/week/etc.) to going through EVERYTHING. While this sounds overwhelming, tidying all at once can prevent you from merely moving stuff from one location to another (instead of truly tidying and discarding).

For our marketing team, days are a bit slower around the holidays or right before a big audit or tax deadline. This is the perfect time for us to block out time to tackle our marketing collateral clutter.

3. Tidy by category, not location.

If you have materials scattered across shared marketing folders, your firm’s intranet, and your desktop, you’re not alone. Maybe you have some professional resume files in a shared folder on your network, while others live solely in an old proposal document.

Using the KonMari method, you would tackle all items in a single category, regardless of location. (For example, instead of tackling all of the items in my son’s closet, I should gather up all of his toys—from his closet, my car, our coffee table, etc.—and go through them at the same time.)

Likewise, instead of going through your marketing materials by location, tackle all materials in a particular category (“About the Firm” type collateral, industries summaries, tax team member resumes, and so on). This allows you to see objectively exactly how much content you have in any given category—AND if you have any gaps in your materials that need to be addressed.

Did you know POUNCE enables you to easily categorize marketing materials and resumes by industry or service area, making your collateral easy to locate and use?

4. Determine if the item “sparks joy.”

Maybe “joy” isn’t the best word to describe our feelings toward marketing collateral. (My son’s favorite footed pajamas spark my joy. A cozy sweater sparks my joy. Beautiful art sparks my joy. A buy-side due diligence summary? Meh.)

Nonetheless, it is important to carefully consider each piece of marketing collateral and ask yourself if it sparks something resembling joy. Do you feel good about your Data Analytics practice summary? Keep it. Not thrilled about the Real Estate industry one-pager you have and pretty certain no one uses it? Fix or discard it.

At the end of the day, you will be left with materials that are updated, accurate, on-brand, accessible, and directly aligned to growth areas for your firm. And that can feel pretty joyful!

The Results

Performing an intensive marketing material tidying process is no small undertaking, but can leave you with the following results:

  1. Finding materials is no longer a chore. When you are left with only high quality materials that are properly organized, finding the piece you need when you need it is effortless.
  2. You’ll identify true gaps in your information. Not only have you consolidated six slightly different versions of your “About Us” one-pager, but you’ve also realized that your Healthcare Niche’s information has never be formatted for business development efforts.
  3. You can focus on the materials that are most useful and relevant. It’s marketing math: when there are fewer materials scattered about, you can invest more time and effort in the ones that are best aligned to your growth opportunities and strategy.
  4. Managing your materials going forward is much easier. When every piece has a home, the process of conducting periodic reviews and updates of collateral is simple.

Happy tidying!


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